Many of you are already prepping your cosplays for upcoming cons this summer, which is awesome. But not all of us have the time (or patience) to invest in making a spot-on cosplay. To mitigate this issue, I’ve compiled a list of 10 League of Legends champs who are fairly simple to cosplay, and I’ve even hunted down some of the best items to buy for these champs- all on Amazon!

Annie & Tibbers

Image result for annie lol original art

  1. Cat ears
  2. Wig
  3. Long sleeve purple dress
  4. Pink backpack
  5. Pink & white striped socks
  6. Shoes
  7. Teddy Bear (bonus points if you can find somebody to wear this)

Arcade Miss Fortune

  1.  Orange vest
  2. White bra over gold sports bra
  3. Pink underbust
  4. Purple pleated skirt
  5. Star belt buckle
  6. Purple tall boots
  7. Pink & Purple wig
  8. Newsboy Hat
  9. Headphones

Battle Bunny Riven

Image result for battle bunny riven

  1. Black leotard
  2. Bunny ears & tail
  3. White wig
  4. Dark purple tights
  5. Pink shoes

Bladecraft Orianna

  1. Cropped tuxedo jacket
  2. Gold corset
  3. Black skirt
  4. Red bobbed wig
  5. Black tights
  6. Black ballet shoes
  7. Black gloves


  1. Purple dress
  2. White petticoat
  3. Top hat
  4. Tall brown boots
  5. Brown gloves
  6. Long wig


  1. Pink shorts
  2. Blue wig (holy cow- they actually sell a Jinx wig now)
  3. Black swim top
  4. Fishnets (these would be cool)
  5. Black combat boots
  6. Utility belt


  1. Long purple skirt
  2. Bulky belt
  3. Purple bra thing
  4. Black wings
  5. Long purple wig

Pentakill Sona

  1. Long red wig
  2. Black gothic corset
  3. Long black skirt
  4. Pyramid studded bracelets

Red Card Katarina

  1. Referee jersee
  2. Black shorts
  3. Black baseball socks
  4. Black tennis shoes
  5. Black gloves
  6. Long red wig


  1. Safari hat
  2. Goggles
  3. Work gloves
  4. Cargo pants or cargo shorts
  5. Neutral tank top
  6. Vest
  7. Red scarf
  8. Ears
  9. The ability to piss off everybody you play against.



photocred: all photos belong to Riot Games & are from

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